Wingsuit Flying: To Infinity & Beyond

If you want to know what it feels like to fly through the air twisting and turning at 100mph, guiding your own way through rocks and hills, then wingsuit flying is the one for you—however you’ll need a bucket full of nerve…

Wingsuit flying requires you to run and courageously dive off the side of a cliff and use the wide surfaced ‘squirrel suit’ to glide through the air, hovering just inches above the cliff face travelling at amazing speeds! Then towards the end of the flight, you will need to deploy a parachute to ensure a ‘safe’ landing. All you need for wingsuit flying is your suit, one hell of a big cliff, a parachute and whole load of guts…do you reckon you’re haard enough?

Uli Emanuele, who was one of the most skilled wingsuit flyers, flew in between a two meter gap while travelling at a dangerously fast speed!

Unfortunately, a few stunts after, Uli lost his life when he crashed into some rocks on the side of a mountain. However Uli is not the only one who has sadly lost his life to wingsuit flying, making it one of the most dangerous extreme sports.

Sports as dangerous as wingsuit flying highlight how important it is to stay safe while taking part in extreme sport. We can’t stress to you guys enough how crucial it is to be fully equipped with the correct safety equipment—even the things you think you don’t need can in fact save your life! So please don’t cut corners when it comes to safety.

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