What’s New to Haardvark!

There are some exciting things in the making at Haardvark and we can’t wait to show you guys!


If you haven’t seen it already, Haardvark now has its own Instagram account where we post our products, blogs, deliveries and news! We are soon going to be uploading videos of Haardvark’s own riders tearing up the streets and parks! Follow us now! https://www.instagram.com/haardvarksportsapparel/?hl=en


Each month we’re giving you guys the chance of bagging yourself a Haardvark product for free! We’re running two competitions every month, ‘The Haardest Trick’ and ‘The Funniest Bails’.

To win ‘The Haardest Trick’ competition, you must record yourself hitting up your best trick whether it’s on the street or in the park! You then need to send them over to us (the email will be revealed once the competition is live) and we will decide which one of you is the deserved winner.

Do you have any funny videos of you bailing? Everyone loves a good fail video so that’s why each month we are hosting ‘The Funniest Bails’ competition. To enter, you must send us your most hilarious bail video. We will then look through each video and decide which one is the best!

Competitions will be announced on our Instagram so don’t forget to follow us or you could miss out! The winning video will also be announced on our Instagram and our website.

We also have some exciting news regarding our very own ‘Haardvark Riders’ but we’re afraid we’re going to have to leave you with your imagination for this one. All will be revealed soon…