What Is Haardvark?

Haardvark is an extreme sports brand with an ambition.

We want to inspire young people to become better people through media, technology and high-octane activities.

Today, a lot of young people feel detached from the current educational system, or find their styles of learning are simply not catered to. Many of these people come from haard-up families, and our aim is to cultivate an environment of encouragement and improvement through community outreach programmes and extreme sports education.


Be Something Better

Our hope is that positively impacted individuals will go on to inspire an even wider audience themselves using 21st century tech to get their message across. To help the cause, we have set up an online portal to distribute our clothing apparel, and we will gradually introduce more extreme sports gear such as safety equipment.

To aid community development, we aim to launch a local outreach programme, and all the profits from Haardvark will all be reinvested back into the company to help buy vital equipment and teaching staff for when the programme goes live.


Who Is Haardvark?

Haardvark is more than just a team, a company or an establishment. It’s an ethos and a motivating force to get people back on track. But at the centre of it all is Pete Stubbs.


An extreme sports enthusiast and a father of five, no one knows young people better than Pete. Founder of 2am, a creative design agency based in Preston, he remembers the exact moment he came up with the idea. Pete and his team were tasked with rebranding a school that was known for its disruptive and excluded pupils.

As well as giving the school a new identity, Pete felt it was important to foster a sense of achievement throughout, and created a positive atmosphere throughout the school with vibrant, stimulating environmental artwork.

The effort paid off. The school now enjoys increased attendance and better exam results across the board, and it’s a first choice for many parents.

If a simple aesthetic change can make that much of a difference, imagine what Haardvark could do…