The Rise of Virtual Reality

Each and every year, there is always that one thing to come out that everyone loses their minds over! And it’s usually to do with technology. In 2016 we had everyone rolling round the streets on the infamous ‘hover boards’, taking absolutely hilarious tumbles!

Although it was first established many moons ago (around 1950 in fact), virtual reality required a large amount of equipment and the end result left a lot to be desired. However now the tech has evolved to a point where the images almost look real and everything fits into a headset! Which seems to be making a massive breakthrough as Sony has released a version which is compatible with the PlayStation where games from the console can be played through the headset, such as Resident Evil and Batman. The result is impressive, with the immersive experience being unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The Oculus Rift is another virtual reality headset which is compatible with your PC and provides a full virtual reality experience with an integrated VR sound system, but for £550 that’s the least you should expect! The Oculus Rift has been described has having great picture quality with a comfortable design, however the only problem seems to be the price. And the HTC Vive is a headset providing almost the same real-life virtual experience as the Oculus Rift, but you best get saving for this one as it’s priced at a whopping £759! It truly is an amazing piece of kit however the quality of the image is so high that it can sometimes cause motion sickness!

On the other hand, if you can’t afford to fork out hundreds on a VR headset, then there are much cheaper alternatives which can be used on your smartphone. With a number of VR compatible apps for your mobile and a headset as cheap as £15, virtual reality can be accessed by almost anyone!

Virtual reality gives users a truly enveloping—almost hypnotic—adventure, making people feel as if they are physically within the games they are playing. It also allows them to interact with things going on around them. Extreme sports games have been released for virtual reality which is great news for all us sport fanatics as we can now experience all the sports we’ve never tried before—or the ones we don’t dare to…

So if you’re afraid of the dangers that come with extreme sports, why not try them in virtual reality? You’ll experience the same head-spinning feeling when you flip but not the same bone-crushing pain when you bail! Virtual reality can also be used to play videos, so if you want to re-live THAT 900° Tony Hawk spin from the eyes of the man himself, then virtual reality is the answer to your prayers.

To give you guys a little taste into what virtual reality is like, here’s a short clip for you to experience paragliding, skiing and kayaking in the Australian Alps-enjoy!