The Future of the X Games

How many of you could say that at the age of 11, you competed in one of the biggest skating competitions in the world? I certainly know I can’t—I was too busy sat inside on my Xbox or collecting football cards! But I’m sure even if I was active, I would definitely not have the skill level to qualify for the X Games!

The X Games is a competition where all the greatest skaters, bikers and motocross riders come together and compete in a series of different trials to reach the top and beat the world records! The Winter X Games is similar, however the conditions are much snowier and athletes compete on skis, snowmobiles and snowboards.

Many competitors have had years of experience—hence why they are so talented—but some haven’t even left school yet! It’s crazy to think that some have been riding longer than others have been alive! It gets even crazier when the young ones are becoming the champions…

Jagger Eaton

Jagger Eaton is a 15-year-old skateboarder from Arizona and he currently holds the record for being the youngest competitor in the X Games—at just age 11 he qualified for the competition in Los Angeles—what an achievement! Jagger has entered many more contests since this and has performed phenomenally. His records don’t just stop there either because he is also the youngest competitor to win the Tampa Am championships!

Eaton first started skateboarding at the age of 4—being taught by his father, who is the founder of the skateboarding school Kids That Rip. At the age of 11, Jagger received a sponsorship from DC Shoes—one of the most popular skateboarding brands.

Kelly Sildaru

Kelly Sildaru is a 14-year-old freestyle skier from Estonia. And just like Jagger, she is another teenage record holder! She became the first Estonian to ever win a medal at the Winter X Games as well being the youngest ever to get gold! Kelly came first in the slopestyle event in last year’s Winter X Games, aged just 13! If that doesn’t scream ‘BIG FUTURE’, then I don’t know what will.

Sildaru was hitting the slopes around the same time she’d just learnt how to stand on her own two feet! It is well known that ‘practice makes perfect’ and this shows in Kelly’s gold medal-winning run as she scored a near-perfect 93.00, blowing all other competitors out of the water.

With the level of skill these guys have at such a young age, we’re expecting them to be tearing up the X Games for many years to come as well as smashing all the records—remember the names…