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From Snow to…Lava

Travelling down a snow-topped mountain at speeds of up to 50mph with just your skis or snowboard must be fairly daunting—especially when they don’t actually have any brakes. However when you swap the friendly, snowy mountains with an active, aggressive volcano, just how much more terrifying does it get? Well three North Face athletes bit […]

Shaun White: King of The Boards

Shaun White is a 30-year-old American professional skateboarder and snowboarder. Skating from the age of six, Shaun’s roots belong with boarding. And this is clear to see when he’s shredding up the ramps. Countless spins, flips and twirls all come as a second nature to White whether he’s on a skateboard or a snowboard. White […]

7 of the Most Dangerous Extreme Sports

Before we start, don’t let this list discourage you from taking part in any of these extreme sports. We are just highlighting that these sports can be dangerous, especially if safety precautions are not taken seriously. So, as always, we at Haardvark want you guys to understand the true importance of wearing safety equipment and […]

Ubisoft’s Steep to Bring Extreme Sports Games to a New Generation

With E3 2016 now out of the way for another year, there was plenty of good news for the gaming public at large, but for extreme sports fans there was an extra surprise in the form of Steep from Ubisoft. Itching to dethrone the 15-year-old SSX Tricky from its position at the top of the extreme sports […]

4 Vehicularly Enhanced Winter Sports

With a cold winter predicted for this year, along with heavy snow, kids up and down the country are itching to get out there on their sleds and snowboards. But for some adrenaline junkies, this simply isn’t enough! Check out four winter extreme sports that require a little engine power to get going. Snow Biking Just […]

4 Things You Don’t Expect to See on the Ice

As we know, the world of extreme sports is an inventive one. As soon as some pioneering soul thinks of a way to push the boundaries of thrill-seeking, they’re not wasting any time. Here are four things that aren’t traditionally associated with snow and ice, but have found their way regardless. Kayaks Traditionally a water […]

Top 4 Winter Extreme Sports (That Aren’t Skiing)

It’s that time of year when rain and snow rule and we don’t get to see the sun for a long time (at least in the UK). With skateboarding and rollerblading becoming more difficult in colder conditions, winter brings all new ingenuity to the extreme sports world. Skeleton Bob Just like a regular bobsleigh but […]