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7 of the Most Dangerous Extreme Sports

Before we start, don’t let this list discourage you from taking part in any of these extreme sports. We are just highlighting that these sports can be dangerous, especially if safety precautions are not taken seriously. So, as always, we at Haardvark want you guys to understand the true importance of wearing safety equipment and […]

Go Bigger Coalition & Safety in Extreme Sports

The biggest misconception about extreme sports is that it’s all about death defying stunts, but one group in America is trying to change that. Although action sports tend to be all about big jumps and cool tricks, that doesn’t mean we should forget safety says Robb Gaffney, one of the Go Bigger Coaltion’s founders along […]

The Incredible Feats of Sean Conway

Sean Conway is what you might call an extreme sports fanatic. Not content with taking part in a variety of endurance events, Sean always adds something interesting into the mix. Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Sean wasn’t the most athletic when he was growing up but he loved to get stuck in, taking part in everything […]

Haardvark’s Top 5 Action Cameras

The great thing about extreme sports is that we don’t have to do them alone. Whether it’s a team sport, mountain biking with your friends or posting close-to-the-action footage online, there’s a great joy in sharing your experiences. But a high-octane activity needs an equally haardcore camera to record your trails and tribulations, and here are […]

Is WingBoarding the Next Big Thing?

Here at Haarvark, we’re all for pushing the boundaries of extreme sports, but even this might take the biscuit a little! WingBoarding is a new extreme sport that’s being developed by Wyp Aviation. They’re taking their inspiration from TaleSpin’s Kit Cloudkicker and even Marvel’s Silver Surfer by making riding the clouds more than just a […]

Ubisoft’s Steep to Bring Extreme Sports Games to a New Generation

With E3 2016 now out of the way for another year, there was plenty of good news for the gaming public at large, but for extreme sports fans there was an extra surprise in the form of Steep from Ubisoft. Itching to dethrone the 15-year-old SSX Tricky from its position at the top of the extreme sports […]

Tony Hawk: CTE is a Concern

Following the tragic death of Dave Mirra, and the revelation that he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), Tony Hawk has spoken to Men’s Journal about the cyclist, and the condition at large. “Obviously [Mirra’s diagnosis is] a concern for any of us who are in sort of high-action sports and have concussions. You know, I’m […]

Red Bull & GoPro Team Up to Capture Events

Nearly 2,000 sporting events are about to be captured for good courtesy of Red Bull’s new partnership with GoPro. The multi-year partnership will have the two brands collaborating on content production and distribution. The mutually beneficial deal sees GoPro become the exclusive camera provider for all off Red Bull’s events, while the energy drink company […]

Triborg Electric Skateboard Can Handle Any Terrain

Haardvark knows all too well the pain that comes with not being able to skate whenever and wherever. We can appreciate an amazing skatepark filled with pipes and rails but sometimes you just want to grab your board and rip! The urge may be there but the right surface often isn’t. Until every street is […]

Echo Park Is About to Get a Whole Lot Cooler (or so We Hope)

How do you make plans for a community skate park more awesome? By making the park way bigger—that’s how! It was reported at the tail end of 2015 that the out-of-use swimming pool of Los Angeles’ Echo Park was to be repurposed into a state-of-the-art skate park. Renderings of what the park would look like […]