Shaun White: King of The Boards

Shaun White is a 30-year-old American professional skateboarder and snowboarder. Skating from the age of six, Shaun’s roots belong with boarding. And this is clear to see when he’s shredding up the ramps. Countless spins, flips and twirls all come as a second nature to White whether he’s on a skateboard or a snowboard.

White began snowboarding at six years old and by seven, he’d already received his first sponsorship! Then from the age of just nine, he caught the attention of professional skateboarder Tony Hawk. The pair became close friends and by 17, Hawk had even helped White turn pro!

White then went on to win many skateboarding titles including being crowned the Action Sports Tour Champion. So it looks like Tony didn’t do a bad job mentoring him then. During his snowboarding career White has been involved in three Winter Olympics, winning gold in two of them. He has also taken part in the Winter X Games, where he has won a medal each year since 2002! So you could say he’s one of the best, if not THE best.

Check out White doing what he does best! You won’t be let down.

So…who’s haard enough for that?