Josh Landmann: An Inspiration for Everyone

Recently we met one of the most inspiring men we have ever seen. Hearing all about his story and what he’s accomplished is sick and it’s the exact attitude we want to represent the Haardvark movement!

We’d like to introduce you guys to Joshua Landmann. Josh is a 22-year-old lad from Knott End and around three years ago, his life took a crazy turn.

When he was on holiday with friends in San Antonio he dived into a pool to cool off from the heat. However the pool was a lot shallower than it looked and he hit his head off the surface. The impact was so severe that he fractured a vertebrae at the top of his back as well as compressing another vertebrae further down his spine.

Following the incident Josh was airlifted to the nearest hospital for major surgery, where the doctors were certain he wouldn’t walk again.

After three or four months of recovery, Josh was finally able to walk around 10-15 metres with no aid. If it weren’t for his mint attitude, he wouldn’t have made even half the recovery he’s made today!

Since the accident, Josh completed ‘Tough Mudder’ with the help of his father who wheeled him between obstacles. A video of Josh went viral on the internet when he took on the ‘Everest’ obstacle where people have praised him for his determination—the video even hit over 20 million views on social media.

It doesn’t stop there either—Josh climbed Mount Snowden in Wales which is 1,085m high in under 6 hours! On top of that, he’s a Team GB Para-Snowsports Athlete and he’s hoping to represent our country in the 2022 Winter Paralympics.

When we spoke with Josh he said that his disability had “opened loads of doors” for him as he is now getting to experience things in life which he probably would never have got to do if it weren’t for his accident.

Calling Josh inspiring would be an understatement and we think you should all take a leaf out of his book when it comes to attitude and determination.