Danny MacAskill: Trials Cyclist

Jumping over gates, balancing on rocks and thin ledges and flipping onto benches is a hard enough task when you’re on your feet but how much harder does it get when you add a bike to the equation? For some, it seems to be a piece of cake…

Danny MacAskill is a 31-year-old Scottish trials cyclist, currently working as a professional rider for Inspired Bicycles Ltd and he also rides for Red Bull from time to time. Danny gained fame after he posted numerous street trial videos to his YouTube account back in 2009, which were a real hit and gained widespread media attention.

Danny can pull off almost any stunt on his trials bike, whether it’s flipping over hills, balancing on ledges, hopping over fences or even riding along hay stacks! Don’t be getting any ideas though guys—he’s a trained professional! We don’t want to be putting you or other people in danger just because you tried to ride along a stack of rolling hay!

In his most recent collaboration with Red Bull, Danny explored a rural landscape and used the terrain in his advantage to do what he does best. Take a look at Danny’s ‘Wee Day Out’ here.