7 of the Most Dangerous Extreme Sports

Before we start, don’t let this list discourage you from taking part in any of these extreme sports. We are just highlighting that these sports can be dangerous, especially if safety precautions are not taken seriously. So, as always, we at Haardvark want you guys to understand the true importance of wearing safety equipment and how it can save your life.

Now into the Haard stuff!


Icy snow isn’t the most comfortable thing to land on, especially when you’re falling at 60mph. That’s why many riders get concussion while out on the slopes, and snowboarders have an even higher risk compared to skiers. Due to the amount of legwork needed in skiing and snowboarding, knee injuries occur very often, usually anterior cruciate ligament injuries. The 100ft drops off the side of a mountain and the avalanches also add to the danger of it but I suppose if you’re a thrill seeker, it’s all part of the fun.


A 205kg machine landing on your body obviously isn’t going to end well, no matter how big or strong you are. This is what makes riding a snowmobile so dangerous, along with the highest risk of a fractured skull out of all winter sports—a helmet is essential in this one!


Motocross riders have the highest rate of broken necks—it is believed 27.6% of all reported neck breaks have come from motocross. So you best not forget your neck brace and helmet! Motocross is also dangerous during races when riders fall off their bikes and then get run over by bikes closely following. Ouch!


Skateboarders are the most likely to suffer a skull fracture out of any extreme sport, as well as having a high risk of head and neck injuries. This is due to the haard bails on the solid concrete ramps so remember to take your helmet to the park!


You’d expect with the ‘soft’ water landing, that bailing in the ocean wouldn’t be too painful. However surfers are 38 times more likely to fracture their neck compared to skateboarders! They must also keep an eye out for the hungry great white sharks swimming around them.

Mountain Biking

A common injury within mountain biking is neck fracture—the statistic is closely behind that of surfing. Travelling at speeds of up to 50mph while moving down a hard, rugged hill is always recipe for disaster if you are not safely equipped. That’s why no matter how good you think you are, a helmet is always essential!

Wingsuit Flying

This is the king of extreme! With 72% of base jumpers reported witnessing a death or serious injury, this is one where you’ll need a lot of safety equipment and a whole lot of skill! It’s not hard to see that wingsuit flying is one of the deadliest extreme sports, with participants being metres away from the rock face with very little control! Only the haardest could even think of doing this.